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Professional training

Applicants must fill out an application form and send their CV attached, following the schedule with the deadline dates for the receipt. 

Professional training is available for college students and recent graduated in biology, oceanography, veterinary medicine, fishing engineering, environmental management, environmental engineering, tourism and other related fields.



Activities developed

  • Environmental Education as a priority, through the monitoring of visitors at the Aquarium;
  • Maintenance  and control of the physico-chemical quality from the water tanks, both quarantine and exposure;
  • Capturing, treatment and adaptation of the marine animals kept in captivity;
  • Research and activities related to the preservation of the coastal and marine ecosystems in the north coast of São Paulo;
  • Further activities concerning areas of Environmental Education, Veterinary Medicine, Oceanography and Biology in which the Aquarium requires specific labor.



  • Attend college – at least ending the second period of graduation (1st year);
  • Minimum stay of 30 days for the training;
  • Be available to meet the public;
  • Able to work in teams;
  • Willingness to work outside conventional hours;
  • Knowledge, at least intermediate level, in English and/or Spanish;
  • Creativity and goodwill;

Training offered during all months of the year, for a minimum period of 30 days, with a weekly day off. It follows the timetables and workplaces according to the needs of the job.



Deadline schedule for sending the resume for the holiday season


For training in          




April 15



September 15



September 15



September 15



For the other months of the year the selection is made continuously.

Candidates are selected in two stages: after analysis and screening of the resumes, pre selection, sending the questionnaire and only the selected are given notice.


In the selection process we take into account:



  • Meeting the deadlines for delivering the application;
  • Clear information of the curriculum;
  • Fulfillment of prerequisites;



  • Meeting the deadlines for return of the questionnaire and other complementary information requested;
  • Interest and availability (minimum 30 days);
  • Knowledge of  the area of Environmental Education;
  • Accommodation availability;
  • Receptive to contacts;


The CVs are valid for only one selection, after which they will automatically be disregarded.


The training offers:


Life and personal accident insurance for the probationary period;

Expenses related to transportation, food and others are the trainee’s responsibility;

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