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The Aquarium of Ubatuba offers visitors the opportunity to get to know some of the complex marine life, having among its attractions 12 salt water tanks (among them one of the largest marine tanks in Brazil with 80 thousand liters), with species from the local fauna and other oceans.



AGOSTOAmong the fishes of the national fauna, the colorful sea horses and eels, the sandpaper shark and groupers, puffers and other regionally known fish stand out. The exotic specimens are purchased from importers legally registered with IBAMA, including several multicolored species typical from coral reefs – the lion fish and the bamboo shark from the Pacific Ocean.

Complementing this exhibition several photograph panels explain the main marine ecosystems, and there is still the Museum of Marine Life with specimens of the ocean fauna displayed in the form of fossils, skeletons and taxidermy.



pinguinarioOne of the great attractions is the contact tank that allows contact between visitors and several kinds of marine animals, such as cucumbers and sea stars, urchins and lobsters among others, always guided by a specialized monitor.

The penguin area is an attraction of the Aquarium where visitors can see the curious and fascinating Magellan Penguins and feed them in quite an interactive way.


Opening hours:

During brazilian school holidays (December, January and July) it opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

During the brazilian school year the Ubatuba Aquarium opens daily from 10 am to 8 pm from Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday from10 am to 10 pm.