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School Program

The Aquarium of Ubatuba, seeking to achieve and contribute to these goals since its opening in 1996, has already received more than 500,000 students from the whole educational system, public and private with groups from primary school to university, and is always striving to reach the ideals and basic principles of Environmental Education.


With the increasing need of schools to promote study activities related to the environment to consolidate the contents acquired in the classroom, it is extremely important to get to know the coastal region and other associated ecosystems. Taking this into account, special programs have been developed and are held outside the premises of the Aquarium, where students can get to know “in situ” the marine ecosystems shown during their visit and therefore have a better understanding of the whole activity.


Environmental Education – According to the law n. 9795/99 Environmental Education is understood as the processes by which individual and collectivity build up social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and skills focused on environmental conservation, in common use of the people, essential for a healthy quality of life and its sustainability.