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Presentation release of the Aquarium of Ubatuba – year 2013

Publicado em 31 de janeiro de 2014

Logo Aquário de Ubatuba


The seas cover more than 70% of the earth’s surface and are fundamental to human existence. With this in mind and aiming at providing knowledge to people that the oceanographer Hugo Gallo founded the Aquarium of Ubatuba in February 1996, a place considered one of the leading and best options in educational leisure for environmental conservation of the coast of São Paulo.

Among the attractions, it has one of the biggest sea water tanks of the country, with sharks and rays; a penguin tank, with specimens that migrate from Patagonia; contact tank, where it is possible to touch harmless marine animals such as starfish, sea urchins and sea cucumbers; the only jelly fish tank in Brazil; a terrarium with alligators, turtles and iguanas, as well as a museum of marine life and an auditorium for lectures and exclusive videos, that provide visitors with even more knowledge.

All over its structure there are tanks that represent the different Brazilian ecosystems, such as the rivers of the Atlantic Forest, coral reefs, rocky shores, mangrove forests and sandy beaches, besides an ocean tank with 80 thousand liters of salt water, filled with rare species such as the Mangona shark, the sandpaper shark and Ticonha rays.

The penguin tank has a scenic view of a beautiful landscape that refers to the ocean, artificial rocks and a mini slide that is used when feeding the penguins, twice a day, at 11:30 am and 5 pm, with the public taking part all days per week during the school holidays and only on weekends during the other periods of the year.

For the children there is a special program of study and playful activities that stimulate learning and creativity, as well as consolidate the contents acquired in the classroom. There is the ‘drawing corner’, ‘ecological fishing’, and workshops, among other educational actions.

“The Aquarium of Ubatuba has already received more than 90 thousand students from public and private schools, from nursery to university classes. And it is our mission to continue promoting along with a pleasant trip, the opportunity to learn much more about the aquatic and marine biodiversity and to value nature” says Hugo Gallo, executive director of the Aquarium of Ubatuba.

To perpetuate the memories of the underwater world, the Aquastore from the Aquarium of Ubatuba has incredible products that please people of all ages, such as key chains, decorative accessories, toys, porcelain, clothes and much more! All T-shirts are made with recycled fiber from plastic bottles. Each T-shirt uses 2 to 3 plastic containers. When buying one, you contribute to the preservation of the environment, help to reduce accidental ingestion of plastic by marine animals, help to reduce pollution of the sea, as well as contribute to generate employment.

And if you get hungry during the trip, delight yourself in the Aquabar, inside the Aquarium, with a view onto the sea and a decoration in navy style. There are several options on the menu:  pastries, natural snacks, sweets and drinks.


The Aquarium of Ubatuba awaits your visit!


Service: Telephone (12) 3834-1382; website: www.aquariodeubatuba.com.br

Business hours: Sunday to Thursday, from 10 am to 8 pm. Friday and Saturday, from 10 am to 10 pm.

Address: Rua Guarani 859, Praia do Itaguá, Ubatuba / SP

Prices: R$ 20 full price and R$ 10 half price (students with ID card and people over 60). Admission is free for children up to 3, accompanied by an adult.